Ben Feldman


My name is Ben Feldman.

I'm a father, husband, and Marketing professional with great passion.

I'm driving the growth of the brands I'm managing through digital, social media, TV, radio and many other aspects of marketing.

Striving to be innovative, creative, results-driven professional.

Always learning and improving for myself, family and colleagues.

Helping others to succeed and lead by example.

Live a balanced life, full of new experiences and optimism.

What makes me different?

I combine my expertise in Marketing & Brands Management with a scientific approach (Master degree in Science) -

Analytics, multitasking, fast learning, and innovation is in my DNA

My family

They are the reason why I always strive to be better.

Always learning, improving myself, being a role model for mine sons.




Balanced life is really important

I also love...



Playing the guitar