My story

Hello, my name is Ben Feldman, and I want to share my story with you.

I believe that a great marketer must lead the brand and everyone involved in it. I think that a great marketer must inspire and make a positive change in the product and all its communication. Most importantly, I believe that I must have a positive impact on people's lives as often as possible. These are the reasons that get me out of bed each morning. I strive to be a leader who clears a path to success for others. I endeavor to do that for people I work with as well as my family.


As a child, I was always fascinated with science, but at the same time, relationships between people interested me a great deal as well. Growing up in a family of immigrants presented many challenges, such as financial hardships, while making the ultimate goal of education harder to obtain, also made me more persistent. Failing or giving up was never an option that I considered. My parents couldn’t pay for my university admission, however, that did not mean I will not attend the school, it only meant that I would have to work harder on my goals. I worked hard for years, saving every penny until I had enough money to pay for my classes. I believe that you only fail when you choose to give up; otherwise, it is not a failure but a delay.


After receiving my undergraduate degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences, I continued immediately to graduate school to work on Masters in Medical Sciences. I had two significant papers that had been published in science journals and even entered Dean’s list.
At the time, I did not know how I can combine both my passion for science and human interaction in one career, but life always has surprises.


A few months before I completed my graduate studies, I was catching up with my classmate, and she told me that she started to work as a pharmaceutical sales representative and the company is looking to hire. I immediately saw an opportunity to combine both my passions into one career. I realized that while working in the medical field and being submerged in science, I can also enjoy working with people.


Because learning, personal and professional growth, meaningful work, challenges, and ability to express creativity and innovation are all important to me, I realized that a career in marketing is exactly what I want. Marketing is different than lab sciences, but what a science it is! You still need to find the exact formula, experiment, think creatively and so much more.

This is how I started my marketing career, and from the first day, I was happy to wake up each morning. Going to work did not feel like a chore but instead felt exciting. The work was challenging, creative, innovative and I had the chance to make a positive impact on people's lives.


After two and a half years of learning the art of sales and marketing and winning numerous awards for excellence, I was promoted to be a Brand Marketing Manager.
I had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing teammates, graphic design companies, advertising agencies, international companies, and influencers. I am fortunate to be able to inspire my teammates by personal example to learn and grow, to be a good role model for my sons and live my life according to my values.


I am looking forward to continuing writing my story with new and amazing experiences.


The future is exciting!

Ben Feldman