Ben Feldman


I'm glad to share with you some of the projects that I'd orchestrated over the years.

These projects have a significant role in growing brands' awareness and market share.

SAMPLE 1: TV commercial  


A TV commercial for knees pain pharmaceutical brand featuring a celebrity actor, under a slogan "Let's Move" (translation from Hebrew).

This full version featured on TV, youtube, and facebook.

The commercial was viewed online more than 800,000 times and won the 3rd place as best commercial of the week.


Creative by M&CSAATCHI Israel  

SAMPLE 2: Depression information website 


A mobile and SEO optimized website for consumers seeking information regarding depression, treatments options, and guidance.

An excellent example of a creative approach to elevating brand awareness in a highly regulated environment where no direct to consumer advertising is allowed.


Elevates the awareness for this particular brand by content marketing, providing information about the drug category without mentioning the brand name, and referring the patients to talk to the doctor about this category.

SAMPLE 3: Native and programmatic content marketing


This article is just one of many content items that had been published in leading news websites.
An Orthopedic influencer physician had written this particular article.
The articles had been published natively on the website and later programmatically by Taboola.

SAMPLE 4: Evergreen content - Influencer video marketing


A good example of video marketing using one of the Israeli's top physician influencer among the broad audience.
The interview between the two key opinion leaders was promoted natively, programmatically, by SEO,pay-per-click, and has till this moment thousands of views.
This video about depression treatments is an evergreen content.

SAMPLE 5: Public relations - bloggers' event


When you need to elevate the brand's awareness quickly,

bloggers' event is a must.

Bloggers are micro-influencer with hundreds to thousands of followers, on blogs, Facebook, and Instagram.

The bloggers' event was a part of the brand launch and resulted in more than 200,000 impressions, likes and reshares.

Bloggers' event

SAMPLE 6: Small businesses branding


From Logos to "Look&Feel".

Website design, social media and more.

Italian restaurant

Beauty Salon

Nail Spa

For the past three years, I had been working with Ben on his products' Public Relations.
Ben had shown deep marketing understanding, strategic thinking, ability to manage and execute elaborate projects which led to meaningful PR.

Amit Sendik, CEO, Sendik Communications

Amit Sendik, CEO, Sendik Communications
Tzur Golan, VP Creative, Co-owner, M&CSAATCHI

By working with Ben, I've got to know an individual with professional motivation, diligence and a fierce desire to succeed.

Ben always knows how to spot a winning creative, and constantly challenged us to be better.

Ben is an excellent partner for creating and executing creative marketing campaigns. 

Tzur Golan, VP Creative, Co-owner, M&CSAATCHI Israel