As Ben's manager for the past four years, I'd seen him manage products in many different markets, and tackle numerous projects simultaneously, which had led to significant results.  

Ben possess strategic thinking, creativity and a sincere desire to learn and improve.
Ben is a real teammate -  encourages colleagues, sharing ideas, all with a dash of humor and a smile. 

Israela Yamin, Unit buiseness manager, RAFA LTD

Ben Feldman's manager

Ben Feldman

Ben Feldman testemonial

Being a product manager can be a lonely job and competitive, but when you have colleagues around like Ben – it turns things around.

From the first moment I started my new role – Ben was there with his innovative ideas, open mind, sharing so sincerely his professional successes and challenges.

Enabling me to learn so much – things I know I will implement later in both my personal and professional life.

He has a unique way of seeing the world and challenging himself, thereby encouraging you to do the same – but always with a good and refreshing sense of humor

Dr. Shani Turgeman, Brand Marketing Manager, RAFA LTD,


For the past three years, I had been working with Ben on his products' Public Relations.
Ben had shown deep marketing understanding, strategic thinking, ability to manage and execute elaborate projects which had led to meaningful PR.

Amit Sendik, CEO, Sendik Communications

Amit Sendik, CEO, Sendik Communications
Tzur Golan, VP Creative, Co-owner, M&CSAATCHI Israel

By working with Ben, I've got to know an individual with professional motivation, diligence and a fierce desire to succeed.

Ben always knows how to spot a winning creative, and constantly challenged us to be better.

Ben is an excellent partner for creating and executing creative marketing campaigns. 

Tzur Golan, VP Creative, Co-owner, M&CSAATCHI Israel